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CARSTAR Isherwood - Auto body collision repair shop located in Duncan, BC - the Cowichan Valley


What is CARSTAR?


"CARSTAR Isherwood is an auto body repair and auto collision shop located in Duncan, BC. CARSTAR provides exceptional service, competitive pricing, a lifetime warranty and is ICBC and private insurance company approved." 


What's with all this CARSTAR stuff anyways?


We've received a lot of concern over the Isherwood sign coming down and the CARSTAR branding becoming more prominent. People were genuinely upset when they thought we had sold the shop. But not to fear, all the familiar faces that you've relied on to get your car back to new after an accident are still here.


That may leave some of you wondering … who is CARSTAR anyways?


Well, when I started the business in 2009 I wanted to create the ultimate shop. One with a personal feel that people could trust and depend on. One that staff could go to work at and actually enjoy being there as well as take pride in not only repairing cars to a high level of craftsmanship, but creating an unmatched customer experience helping people negotiate through the pains of dealing with insurance companies to get their lives back on track after an accident. I think we've achieved that!


The support that we've received from the people of the Cowichan Valley has been a testament to that. You have made us the fastest growing collision repair company in the valley in a market that is actually shrinking.


Plus partnering with CARSTAR allows us to help an even greater number of people. You see, independently owned Collision shops are quickly falling out of favor with private insurance companies because of the lack of consistency with repair quality and customer experience. CARSTAR is a franchiser of independent shop owners that together make a collective of some of the highest quality shops in the country. CARSTAR can market to private insurance companies on a national level that we could never do as an independent shop. So with CARSTAR and Isherwood Body & Fender you get the best of both worlds. A locally owned family business that you can trust, with recognition of a nationwide brand that brings a coast to coast lifetime warranty!


CARSTAR Isherwood (formerly named Isherwood Body & Fender)


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Ryan Isherwood

5440 Trans Canada Hwy, Duncan, BC.
Ph: 250-748-7118 | Fax: 250-597-0388
email: duncan@carstar.ca